Tuesday, October 22, 2013

kU IstIkhArAhkan nAmAmu

Drama : kU IstIkhArAhkan nAmAmu
Penerbit: Allah S.W.T
Pengarah: Allah S.W.T
Penulis skrip: Allah S.W.t
Skrip : Rahsia luh mahfuz
Pelakon utama: Hidayatullah Aqil
Episod: Rahsia Qada' dan Qadar
O.S.T: Nomad ( Sedia Menanti)
Episod 1 (5.9.13): ya
Episod 2 (6.9.13): ya
Episod 3 (7.9.13): tidak
Episod 4 (8.9.13): ya
Episod 5 (9.9.13): ya
Episod 6 (10.9.13): ya
Episod 7 (11.9.13): ya

6 out of 7 istikharah, the answer is yes..
But the main character, out of sudden has something in her mind..
something that she confused..is this really the hint? if it is, What should she do next?
then let's the fate plays it's role..

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