Monday, June 25, 2012

Jika Kau Fikirkan Kau Tak Boleh

Jika kau fikirkan kau boleh..
Kau pasti dapat melakukan..
Jika kau fikir kau ragu-ragu..
Usahamu tidak menentu..

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtra...
lagu di atas, atul yakin ramai yang tahu..
lagu yang akan didendangkan dalam ceramah mahupun kem motivasi..

tapi, sejauh manakah keyakinan yang kita ada akan mempengaruhi usaha dan kejayaan kita?
as for me, i dont think this song works for me..
it does not work at all..
what i can see is, the more I confident, the more i cant achieve an aim successfully..

let take this as an example..
when i was in form 5,
after my chemistry paper, i was very confident that i would score for the paper..
but, when SPM result came out, it did not come out as i expected...
my chemistry paper was the worst grade that I got among the nine papers that i sat for..

the same thing happened in the last semester..
i was confident that i can score an A for my moral paper and TSL 3105 paper..
but, when the result came out,
i just was be able to to get Bs for both papers...

but, other thing will happen to me when i was not confident enough in my action..
it will come out successfully when i did not expect them to be..
let take this as example..

when i sat for my Additional math paper in my SPM exam,
the 1st thought that came to me after the exam was, "i am gonna fail this paper"
and i was crying over for this paper about two days as i really expect them gonna fail..
but, when the result came out, i scored the paper handsomely
and surprisingly it was better than my chemistry paper that i expected an A for it..

the same thing happened when i was in my first semester of 1st year degree..
i had falsafah paper and it was a killer paper..
the least hope and wish that i had for the paper was just past that was mean "C+"
but, with Allah will, i score an A for the paper..

what i want to say here is,
i just don't know either those incidents were just coincidences or
it was me who cannot expect to much in life..
or maybe, after this
i should only expect for the least when i want to do something in life..

last word,
"Ya Allah, apakah kekuatan yang Kau kurniakan kepadaku berbanding manusia lain yang sampai hari ini aku masing tercari-cari apakah kekuatan diri yang aku miliki."


"when there is nothing to be proud of, then you should avoid from anything to be blame for"

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