Wednesday, February 24, 2010


what should i do this weekend eak?
3days of holidays..
starting with maulidur rasul n weekend lar..

in my mind, i have three plans..
1st of all..
going home..
miss my mom so much..
but my father keeps advise me to safe the money..
so, i cant back lar..
coz the cost of going home is quite big..
rm50 kot..

2nd one is i want to stay in uia gombak for this weekend..
ili pon da invites..
but, still need money lar..
for the cab, lrt..n for eating for sure lar..

or the last one?
stay in my room and have infinity sleep..
i can sleep as long as i want..
but, its quite bored right..

so which one?

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