Friday, April 20, 2012

Luahan Hati Hitam Itu : 2

hati hitam mengenangkan dosa2 yang kulakukan..
owh Tuhan Maha Kuasa,
terimalah taubat hamba berdosa..

again and again, i repeated my self the same mistake...
when will i stop it?
or i just want to let my pahala to be others one..
cannot.. i have to keep my pahala for my akhirat..
if not, i will be one who are bankrupt in their akhirat..

ya Allah, please lead me to the right path..
dont let me do the same dosa again and again..
shut my mouth up if i try to back stabbing...
please ya Allah..
do help me..
the weak person with a weak heart and for sure with the weak iman.....

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