Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prayerful Thursday..

Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Usully, bloggers will use the title 'Wordless Wednesday' as the title of their entries on Wednesday..
but today, as it is Thursday
 I want to make a different with a title 'Prayerful Thursday' 

yesterday, when i did this application     v  on facebook, this was what it gave me:

see, what it said to me? 
i will be more beautiful if
" bertambah kuat dalam doa dan pengharapan ILLAHI"

i dont know either it is suratan takdir atau kebetulan..
but, this is the truth...
the only things that i can do as for now is doa..

honestly speaking, there are a lot of things that i should pray hardly..

one of them is about exam that i will seat in this coming May..
i will have 5 papers all together, which are:

  1. EDU 3104
  2. TSL 3105
  3. TSL  3106
  4. LGA 3102
  5. ELM 3101
ya ALLAH, please do help me in my exam..
ok guys, please wish me luck for my exam..
i want to improve my result as my result last sem was WORST

Then, i have to pray hard for my relationship..
what i mean here is, the engagement between me and him..

sila jangan terpedaya.. gambar adalah sekadar hiasan..
as Ustaz Don is not my fiance
and me for sure not Ustaz Don's fiancee..

back to the story,,,
as he already changed his mind...
as my parents still stick to their minds..
and now, i am the lone ranger who wants something different from theirs..
so, there is nothing that i can do except doa..
either i have to ask from Allah to change their minds...
or i have to ask from Allah to change my mind..

i think, the best doa will be:
Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Kaulah pemilik masa dan hati-hati ini..
sesungguhnya Kau lah yang Maha Mengatahui segala yang terbaik untuk hamba2Mu..
kuserahkan segala urusan hidup, jodoh dan matiku kepadaMU ya Allah..
dan tabahkanlah hati ini dalam menerima segala ketentuanMu dengan perasaan redha dan ikhlas..

and, the other important doa that i should make is,
ya Allah, please do protect me from the same sin..
i want to protect my self from hating the person that i should not..
i want to protect my self from back stabbing the person that i should not.. amin..

and lastly, as a muslim
doa is one of our senjata..
so dont forget to doa always as Allah likes if His slaves come to Him and make request..

renung2kan ayat di bawah:
kadang2 kita terlalu banyak meminta dengan manusia sampai terlupa nak meminta dengan Allah..
sedangkan Allah lah pemilik segala perkara..
so, do ask from Him..

sekian, wasalam...



siti.syafiqah said...

insyaAllah, smoge doa2 atul trmakbul... :) aminn...

Althafunisa said...

terima kasih misi PQ.. =)... AMIN...

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